Stormy Skies

Many people are only for a moment
Are there for the clear skies
For picnics and beach walks
To feel the sand between the toes
To feel the salty breeze sweep across your skin like the kind words of a friend
Taking the bad feelings away with them

But that wind continues to blow
Sending good things away
And bringing the storm in from the bay
They break like a branch off a tree
one small part
of your whole

The storm
it may break things faster than they can mend
Many will not withstand the natural disasters of your life
Through no fault of their own

It takes the strength of hundred stars to withstand your own pressures
Let alone anothers
But know this

They may leave without surprise
Just as fast a they came
Relationships end and bridges they were made to burn

But some people
by some marvelous twist of harmony or fate
They stay
The rock in a world of fire and wood

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