Those who know me, if you were to ask, would probably tell you my passion is food. Making it, eating it, admiring its very form of existence. And while, please do not get me wrong, I do love food (what can I say…it can be a beautiful form of art), my true passion is in fact- writing. That’s not to say I’m good at it in any means, on the contrary. I consider myself to be amateur at best.

So, why start a blog where all I share is my writings, you ask?

There are many answers to that question. But, for the sake of not running on tediously as I verse to you in half indecipherable paragraphs. I will try to shorten it greatly, for better understanding-   “Because one does not need to be good at something to find pure enjoyment from it. And I want more joy.” 

“My hope and goal for sharing such things with you is that when you read my writings, they make you feel something too. I can only assume everyone who reads the things I will post on this site is, in fact, human. Therefore, I also must assume we all feel things, and desire to find the right words to what it is that is pulling at you in this very moment. While I know there are many people in this world gifted with the power to find the right words (far better than I, that is for sure), I also know for as many people who are truly gifted at putting their feelings into the perfect collection of words, there are people who do not posses such power.  I want to share my writings with both kinds of people.

I hope you feel the tug of the words bringing you into the feelings that are described. Whether you be someone looking for the words to perfectly put your situation to make you better understand and to feel better understood, or simply a true lover of words strung together in such a way.” 

Now, currently my favorite form of writing is poetry. Which is perhaps due to my recent heartbreak and disappointment. I have learned that apparently, you do not heal if you do not express your pain in some way. Enter:  Poetry.

I have found myself in the depths of despair, reaching into my chest, pulling out my heart and placing it onto the page (….that was quite the disturbing image..but you get the gist!). I found myself after that, wanting to write 24/7, and with time the desire grew until I suddenly found myself wanting to write about absolutely everything. From the stranger I saw walking the streets the other day, to of course, how I am feeling at any particular moment-which believe me, it changes often. Perhaps the only constant thing about me, is how my feelings fling themselves back and forth, like a swing trying to keep up with an overzealous child whose only desire is to make it go as high as humanly possible.

Due to that, there will be a lot of poetry on here, but I must not limit myself. I have a perhaps, overactive imagination (…if an imagination can ever really be overactive..which is of yet, undecided in my mind), I also love to make up stories in my head on an almost daily basis, and one can only guess as to when I might find one worthy of writing down.  It should be noted as well that, as hard as I may try, sometimes I start something with the intention of making it a poem, and suddenly it has turned itself into more of a short story, rather than the intended poem. What can I say, my mind doesn’t like limits one bit.

So, this is my beginning.

Elle M.

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